Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well, hello all - here I am... Finally I have started a blog. Not too much to report ATM but wanted to introduce myself and hopefully let you get a feel about why I started a blog and what I am about!

As most of you know I am 1/3 Handmade Expo co-ordinator, wife, mother, full time worker and twin sister to Liesa who is also 1/3 Handmade Expo coordinator and business owner of the fab new boutique Handmade Heaven.

My mother, Miriam (AKA Bubba Chenille), Liesa and myself started the Handmade Expo nearly 1 year ago after we found a niche in the South East Queensland region for a handmade market only... so here we are - nearly 1 year later!

Anyway - the blog name... well, thanks to Liesa, this is a "new" word of hers which I love and since she already has a blog thought I would get her new word out there - hence the name "HANDMADIES".

Hopefully in my new world of blogland I will be able to keep you up to date with my fabulous new handmade purchases, what's happening in the world of handmade and what's happening with Moi!

Thanks for listening...

Micky xxoo


  1. Cool Micky, About time, I'll probably get to find out more info about what you're doing now, Via "handmadies !" Hope you love it like Liesa and I do..You get to meet lots of noice people and see lots of really beautiful goodies!
    Good luck with it.
    luv mumma bubba!

  2. ...and it's a "Cool Micky" from me too xox! Really looking froward to following your adventures and also having another outlet to cheer on "The Handmade Expo" and "Handmade Heaven".


  3. Hi Micky,
    Thank you for lovely note and welcome to the blog world ! Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts : ) Petra

  4. Hi Micky
    Can't wait to get a chance to check out Handmade Heaven. I'm sure it's going to be a huge success. We're looking forward to The Handmade Expo on the week end. See you there.

  5. Opps.

    Mickey, my son was logged in and I accidently posted as "Matthew" when it was meant to be me!

  6. Hi everyone... thanks for commenting - keep them coming, it's like christmas time everytime I get a new comment.

    Micky xxoo

  7. blogging is a whole new world to me too, need lessons!!!! and time to explore! look forward to hearing your news. sooooo disappointed not going to be at Handmade Expo Saturday, family first!! for the first time ever, that is hard for me!!! I sure the fam will make up for me not being a handmadie this weekend. See you soon at next market, have to visit Leisa too. My Fab Bags have to be present in that Fab shop!