Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bubba Chenille is having a SALE!

Hi All,

I had to let you all know that Bubba Chenille is having a sale... Buy one and get the second 1/2 price... If you head over to the Etsy store to check out all the great items for sale... and shop away.



Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have finally taken photo's... you should see my camera - it is this amazing contraption that cost me an arm and a leg, so you think that I would use it more often.... Anyway... Here are my recent purchases:-

The first one is from the gorgeous Mefe Art. I bought this beautiful bracelet from her for the Ipswich Cup and she was very kind enough to match the earrings as well... I have worn it many of times and have received comment, after comment. It adorns the most gorgeous beads and I just love it.

Next I would like to introduce Vintage Visions. I bought this ring from them at The Handmade Expo at Warwick. It is gorgeous, I love it and wear it EVERY day... Michelle from Vintage Visions also sells her beautiful jewellery in Handmade Heaven. Definitely something not to miss out on.

Now there is this beautiful cuff bought from Linda at Lilly's Cottage. I absolutely love her stuff but because my house adorns the male species I really haven't been able to buy the shabby chic..... so, it is my mission to start and I am going to start with Linda. I also bought this bunting from her that I have put up in my room... Just loving the blue!

Then the photo's that I promised of the shirts that I bought from Cute as Buttons. My boys are huge fans... and they loved their Plane Shirts. Thanks Buttons!

I also bought this gorgeous handbag from Designs by Danna. The fabric is to die for and I am really into red and black at the moment... I also took this to the Ipswich Cup..

I bought this little scarf for Jordan, my eldest son. He saw my scarf and was dieing for me to get one for him in blue. There just happened to be one for sale at Handmade Heaven so snatched it up for him... Here he is with his Nanny Mimmy... oh - how cute!

Well, I think that's about all the handmade purchases I have made recently... next time I will be sure to keep you more up to date with my purchases instead of bombarding you with all of it at once.
Thanks for listening... If you have bought something handmade that you would like featured on this blog, make sure you let me know... I would love to show it off.

Have a great week.



Monday, July 20, 2009


I would now like to introduce "Cute as Buttons"... My boys are big fans of their work.. I had the pleasure of interviewing them:-

1. How long has Cute as Buttons been established for?
We celebrated our first birthday in May so we're now feeling like old hands.
2. Tell us about your handmade products.
We make gorgeous gifts for small folk: appliqued tees and singlets, matching towel sets, cot blankets and cuddle rugs. We like our range to be easy to mix and match so we try to choose a fabric "story" for our appliques and make sure we carry that theme through the range. People seem to really enjoy choosing a selection of things that are all a little bit unique. We've had lots of customers asking us to make co-ordinating hair bits and also some bloomers and skirts and we've started moving down that path.

3. What markets do you regularly attend?
You'll always find us at The Handmade Expo in Ipswich, The Boutique Markets at Portside and Mathilda's Markets in the City.

4. Do you sell your Cute as Buttons range in any shops, local or interstate?
Handmade Heaven in Queensland - of course! We've also sent a wholesale order to Kylie from Buzzi 'n Moo in Bilbul near Griffith.

5. Now, I know this is a hard question but if you could choose one favourite Handmadie, who would that be?
Everytime we go to a market we find a new, favourite Handmadie. There are so many people out there who are doing interesting and creative things.
6. Tell us a bit about your creative space!
Weeeelllll, that's a bit tricky. Possibly it's in our heads when we imagine our dream homes! We both have big families and small houses so our creative space tends to be anywhere we can fit the sewing machine and somewhere that small fingers can't find! Our machines never stay in the one spot long enough to know where they live!

7. What is your favourite thing to make out of your handmade creations?
We both love sewing the girl designs but we are also having a bit of fun with our flying machines at the moment.
8. Do you have anything new coming to the Cute as Buttons collection?
There'll be some fresh fabrics for summer and a few more accessories to play with.

9. Who would you like to see fill out the Handmadies Questionnaire next?
It would have to be the gorgeous Deb Maher from FABRICated. She is as fabulous as her bags and a beautiful person who brightens up our market days. The Minnah girls are also big bright stars in our eyes. We both love dressing our small people in their great clothes. You can tell they are mums - their clothes look great and are easy to care for.

10. Describe yourself in one sentence...
Can we use an acrostic?
Capable and busy or maybe Coping although barely but really we are counting all our blessings. Because life in the Button households are always good.

11. Now... give yourself a plug... where can we find you - how can we contact you?
You can find us at The Handmade Expo in Ipswich at the Turf Club, Brisbane Rd, Bundamba, the next one being Saturday 15th August and on the 2nd Sunday of the month we are at Boutique Markets at Portside.

In Queensland you can find us in our own little spot of Heaven - Handmade Heaven in the Old Flour Mill, Brisbane Street, Ipswich and in Buzzi 'n Moo in NSW.

We also try to keep you updated on our doings through our blog, and we would love you to follow us and let us know what you want to see in our collection.
We also attend Mathildas Market on 19th July and November 1. Keep an eye out for our Etsy Store which is coming soon.

Lisa and Sharon, thank you so much for letting us come into your world. You are beautiful people and wonderful Handmadies and we are very lucky to have you in our world!
If you would like to be featured on my Handmadies blog please let me know but keep your eyes out for more interviews coming up.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jumpers & Jazz Festival - Warwick

So, the Handmade Expo is off to Warwick on Saturday to attend the Jumpers and Jazz Festival. With over 70 "Handmadies" selling their wares to you, we will all be in heaven - but is heaven COLD or FREEZING.... NO!

Head to THE website for more information such as times, places etc. but definitely a festival not to be missed... I will be there with bells on and gloves and a beanie and anything else to keep me warm... LOL


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Portside Boutique Markets

Well, I ventured to Portside Boutique Markets today for a well deserved shop - the Dear Husband (DH) had given me the go ahead to spend some money... so how much was I looking forward to this!!! The catch, I had my two little darling boys with me.

After about nine million rounds of the stallholders I walked away with 2 fabulous shirts from Cute As Buttons... I haven't had a chance to take any photo's yet but they both are the same with the planes on the front - one red, one blue... Thanks Lisa - just love the designs.

I got to catch up with some fabulous Handmadies like Helen from Ruby2gogo, Deb from Fabricate - Denim by Deb and Christine from Little Diva. Nice to see you ladies!

I was also with my close friend Leish, who I have to thank immensley for helping me look after my beautiful boys - while they "ran riot"... Liesa, my twin sister and owner of Handmade Heaven was also there with her little man Cooper.
It was a lovely day, especially being a customer, not an organsier or stallholder.

Giveaway - Paula Fay Designs - Modesty Mate

I just wanted to let you all know about a giveaway from Paula Fay Designs she is giving away a Modesty Mate every week in August.... If you are a breastfeeding Mum or know someone who is breastfeeding - head over to the website to check it out.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, about a week ago I found out that I won the boys prize pack on http://www.handmadekids.com.au/ and I didn't want to say anything until I received my gorgeous package. It is a fantastic prize and out of 77 comments, I can't believe my luck...

Anyway, here is what I won:-

I have to say that the Handmade Kids website if fabulous so if you have chance to head over - do it now - you won't regret it. Thank you so much once again.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Handmade Heaven - A FINALIST

Well, I am very proud to announce that Handmade Heaven is a finalist in the New Ipswich Business of the Year Awards. She is up against 5 other finalists. Thank you to everyone for your support with this... Liesa is a huge supporter of Handmade and very passionate so I wish her all the best, as I am sure everyone else does. I will keep you posted but if you wanted to check her out in the meantime head to Handmade Heaven and find out how fabulous it is for yourself.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome... Bubba Chenille

I think it's about time for another "Handmadie Interview". I would like to introduce....

1. How long has Bubba Chenille been established for? I have been livin' the dream for about 18 months now.

2. What brand of sewing machine do you own? Janome sewing machine and Babylock overlocker
3. Tell us about your handmade products. I make childrens clothing, bags and purses, luggage tags, cushions and my best seller are my heat packs. All made from pre loved chenille and some cotton prints, new and vintage.

4. What markets do you regularly attend? The Handmade Expo every month (I have to!), Queens Park in Toowoomba sometimes, Brisstyle markets and this year I have been invited to attend Christmas in the Country in Gatton (6th and 7th November).

5. Do you sell your Bubba Chenille in any shops, local or interstate? I have a shop in Sydney I provide cushions, purses and hats and a chemist in Ipswich sells my heat packs.

6. Now, I know this is a hard question but if you could choose one favourite Handmadie, who would that be? Sorry, I have too many faves I couldn't poosibly do this!

7. What is your favourite colour? Hello ! I'm a girl ! Pink of course..

8. You are also one of the co-ordinators of The Handmade Expo (as am I), what is it that you most look forward to on Expo days? Shopping! Ok then, I enjoy seeing and catching up with all our stallholders, some have been with us for nearly a year, thats more than I see some of my family! And I am just soooo into handmade these days!

9. Who would you like to see fill out the Handmadie Questionnaire next? Maybe the Green Bag Lady, she's very inspirational!

10. Describe yourself in one sentence. A passionate HANDMADIE

11. Now… give yourself a plug… where can we find you, how can we contact you?? Well I have a website that Liesa is working on as we speak ! http://www.bubbachenille.com.au/ That will lead you to my blog and my etsy store and I have some things for sale on http://www.madeit.com.au/ or you can go direct to my blog to catch up with what I've been doing http://www.bubbachenille.blogspot.com/ My fave is markets though, I never thought it would be but there you have it. I try to make all my clothes one offs and slightly change styles regularly so no one gets bored! You can also find my things at Handmade Heaven in The Old Flour Mill in Ipswich.

Thank you Miriam (and Mum) for a little bit of insite into Bubba Chenille.

Keep your eye peeled for another Handmadie soon to be interviewed on my blog.



Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brisstyle Markets - Been & Gone

Hi All,
Well, the Brisstyle Indie Designer Markets have been and gone and what a fantastic day. I ended up heading to Hamilton for a look with the husband and children and ended being so busy in mum's site that we ended up staying as I couldn't leave her on her own...
Saying that, so was everyone else. There were so many names that seemed familiar but because they were all so busy it was hard to stop to introduce myself and have a chat. I did end up stopping to say hi to Helen from Ruby2gogo who was also quite busy but she ended up noticing me. Hi Helen.
I have to say that it was a very enjoyable market. It was constantly busy, everyone was just lovely and just a beautiful surrounding, my boys were even climbing the most gorgeous tree that was behind Mum's site.
I will be back with Mum at the next one as I enjoyed myself that much... I am pretty sure that Mum will be posting about how much she enjoyed it as well.
So nice to "see" everyone.... hopefully we will eventually meet face to face...
Bye for now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brisstyle Indie Designer Markets

If you have any time on Saturday head down to the Brisstyle Indie Designer Markets. I am certainly going to try to make it if time permits... My mum, the very talented Bubba Chenille will be there so drop by and say hello.


Micky xxoo

Nominate for New Business of the Year

I would like to announce that Handmade Heaven is in the running for New Business of the Year. Liesa from Handmade Heaven would love your support on this. If you could be so kind as to nominate her online and head to http://www.questawards.com.au/region9.html and follow the links to nominate a business.

If you could then leave a comment on either this blog or Handmade Heaven blog to let Liesa know that you have supported her. She will really appreciate it as she is so passionate about handmade, this would give handmade a huge push in the retail world...

Thank you so much and we wish Liesa the best of luck.



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brisstyle July Giveaway

Okay guys... here is my 2nd post for the day.. OMG.

I have found a fab giveaway - head to the Brisstyle Blog. There are giveaways from Pedrosprout and Jettas Nest. Good luck to everyone (and me too of course)..