Monday, July 20, 2009


I would now like to introduce "Cute as Buttons"... My boys are big fans of their work.. I had the pleasure of interviewing them:-

1. How long has Cute as Buttons been established for?
We celebrated our first birthday in May so we're now feeling like old hands.
2. Tell us about your handmade products.
We make gorgeous gifts for small folk: appliqued tees and singlets, matching towel sets, cot blankets and cuddle rugs. We like our range to be easy to mix and match so we try to choose a fabric "story" for our appliques and make sure we carry that theme through the range. People seem to really enjoy choosing a selection of things that are all a little bit unique. We've had lots of customers asking us to make co-ordinating hair bits and also some bloomers and skirts and we've started moving down that path.

3. What markets do you regularly attend?
You'll always find us at The Handmade Expo in Ipswich, The Boutique Markets at Portside and Mathilda's Markets in the City.

4. Do you sell your Cute as Buttons range in any shops, local or interstate?
Handmade Heaven in Queensland - of course! We've also sent a wholesale order to Kylie from Buzzi 'n Moo in Bilbul near Griffith.

5. Now, I know this is a hard question but if you could choose one favourite Handmadie, who would that be?
Everytime we go to a market we find a new, favourite Handmadie. There are so many people out there who are doing interesting and creative things.
6. Tell us a bit about your creative space!
Weeeelllll, that's a bit tricky. Possibly it's in our heads when we imagine our dream homes! We both have big families and small houses so our creative space tends to be anywhere we can fit the sewing machine and somewhere that small fingers can't find! Our machines never stay in the one spot long enough to know where they live!

7. What is your favourite thing to make out of your handmade creations?
We both love sewing the girl designs but we are also having a bit of fun with our flying machines at the moment.
8. Do you have anything new coming to the Cute as Buttons collection?
There'll be some fresh fabrics for summer and a few more accessories to play with.

9. Who would you like to see fill out the Handmadies Questionnaire next?
It would have to be the gorgeous Deb Maher from FABRICated. She is as fabulous as her bags and a beautiful person who brightens up our market days. The Minnah girls are also big bright stars in our eyes. We both love dressing our small people in their great clothes. You can tell they are mums - their clothes look great and are easy to care for.

10. Describe yourself in one sentence...
Can we use an acrostic?
Capable and busy or maybe Coping although barely but really we are counting all our blessings. Because life in the Button households are always good.

11. Now... give yourself a plug... where can we find you - how can we contact you?
You can find us at The Handmade Expo in Ipswich at the Turf Club, Brisbane Rd, Bundamba, the next one being Saturday 15th August and on the 2nd Sunday of the month we are at Boutique Markets at Portside.

In Queensland you can find us in our own little spot of Heaven - Handmade Heaven in the Old Flour Mill, Brisbane Street, Ipswich and in Buzzi 'n Moo in NSW.

We also try to keep you updated on our doings through our blog, and we would love you to follow us and let us know what you want to see in our collection.
We also attend Mathildas Market on 19th July and November 1. Keep an eye out for our Etsy Store which is coming soon.

Lisa and Sharon, thank you so much for letting us come into your world. You are beautiful people and wonderful Handmadies and we are very lucky to have you in our world!
If you would like to be featured on my Handmadies blog please let me know but keep your eyes out for more interviews coming up.


  1. Thanks for the chance to have a little chat, Micky. It is nice to see the banner image on our list of blogs we follow. Lisa. x

  2. Cheers for your comments at my blog, yes it was very sweet revenge!