Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have finally taken photo's... you should see my camera - it is this amazing contraption that cost me an arm and a leg, so you think that I would use it more often.... Anyway... Here are my recent purchases:-

The first one is from the gorgeous Mefe Art. I bought this beautiful bracelet from her for the Ipswich Cup and she was very kind enough to match the earrings as well... I have worn it many of times and have received comment, after comment. It adorns the most gorgeous beads and I just love it.

Next I would like to introduce Vintage Visions. I bought this ring from them at The Handmade Expo at Warwick. It is gorgeous, I love it and wear it EVERY day... Michelle from Vintage Visions also sells her beautiful jewellery in Handmade Heaven. Definitely something not to miss out on.

Now there is this beautiful cuff bought from Linda at Lilly's Cottage. I absolutely love her stuff but because my house adorns the male species I really haven't been able to buy the shabby chic..... so, it is my mission to start and I am going to start with Linda. I also bought this bunting from her that I have put up in my room... Just loving the blue!

Then the photo's that I promised of the shirts that I bought from Cute as Buttons. My boys are huge fans... and they loved their Plane Shirts. Thanks Buttons!

I also bought this gorgeous handbag from Designs by Danna. The fabric is to die for and I am really into red and black at the moment... I also took this to the Ipswich Cup..

I bought this little scarf for Jordan, my eldest son. He saw my scarf and was dieing for me to get one for him in blue. There just happened to be one for sale at Handmade Heaven so snatched it up for him... Here he is with his Nanny Mimmy... oh - how cute!

Well, I think that's about all the handmade purchases I have made recently... next time I will be sure to keep you more up to date with my purchases instead of bombarding you with all of it at once.
Thanks for listening... If you have bought something handmade that you would like featured on this blog, make sure you let me know... I would love to show it off.

Have a great week.




  1. I am into red and black at the moment, too. I like adding the odd bit of purple as well. The boys look VERY cute. Nice shopping. Lisa. x

  2. Gorgeous, especially those adorable Cute as Buttons shirts! The bunting is lovely, but hey, I could have made you some like that - you only need to ask!!!!
    Tee hee, no seriously, it's all fab, loving it!
    Jenny xxx

  3. Thanks so much for including that photo of me on your world famous blog Micky, Cant tell you how much I appreciate it ! All your purchases are awesome though and your kids aren't all that bad either ! Mwa Mwa

  4. Yay Mick...Good for you. You certainly have taken the Handmade Pledge. Just to let you know...the scraf was made by Judith from PomPom & Frieda. Soooo cute and very popular.
    Just gorgeous.


  5. Thanks everyone... I thought I did quite well and I have definitely taken the Handmade Pledge... nothing but for this little black duck!!! (or pink one)!