Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brisstyle Markets - Been & Gone

Hi All,
Well, the Brisstyle Indie Designer Markets have been and gone and what a fantastic day. I ended up heading to Hamilton for a look with the husband and children and ended being so busy in mum's site that we ended up staying as I couldn't leave her on her own...
Saying that, so was everyone else. There were so many names that seemed familiar but because they were all so busy it was hard to stop to introduce myself and have a chat. I did end up stopping to say hi to Helen from Ruby2gogo who was also quite busy but she ended up noticing me. Hi Helen.
I have to say that it was a very enjoyable market. It was constantly busy, everyone was just lovely and just a beautiful surrounding, my boys were even climbing the most gorgeous tree that was behind Mum's site.
I will be back with Mum at the next one as I enjoyed myself that much... I am pretty sure that Mum will be posting about how much she enjoyed it as well.
So nice to "see" everyone.... hopefully we will eventually meet face to face...
Bye for now.

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