Sunday, July 12, 2009

Portside Boutique Markets

Well, I ventured to Portside Boutique Markets today for a well deserved shop - the Dear Husband (DH) had given me the go ahead to spend some money... so how much was I looking forward to this!!! The catch, I had my two little darling boys with me.

After about nine million rounds of the stallholders I walked away with 2 fabulous shirts from Cute As Buttons... I haven't had a chance to take any photo's yet but they both are the same with the planes on the front - one red, one blue... Thanks Lisa - just love the designs.

I got to catch up with some fabulous Handmadies like Helen from Ruby2gogo, Deb from Fabricate - Denim by Deb and Christine from Little Diva. Nice to see you ladies!

I was also with my close friend Leish, who I have to thank immensley for helping me look after my beautiful boys - while they "ran riot"... Liesa, my twin sister and owner of Handmade Heaven was also there with her little man Cooper.
It was a lovely day, especially being a customer, not an organsier or stallholder.


  1. Hey Miss M xox so lovely to catch up with you, Miss L and the boys on Sunday - it was was too quick! So glad you all had a great chololate filled day!

  2. Sounds like it was a great day out! I was hoping to see some pic of your haul ;)