Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ahhhh... Melbourne - I LOVE MELBOURNE

To all you Melbournians out there - I love your city, the weather, the public transport, the day light savings, love it all.
Mwa at a little patisserie in a Melbourne alleway.
Funky little solar powered bikes.
Lunch... with a soup coffee!!!

THE alleway enjoyed a number of time during our trip.
Dan and I at about 1am just outside the Casino!
Dan and I had a fantastic time in Melbourne on the weekend. We saw heaps, ate heaps, drank heaps, slept as much as time would allow and just had a down right fantastic trip. Always good to get home though.

I just love the little alleyways, patisseries, cafes, boutique shopping, shoe shops and the list goes on. I was a little unlucky to miss some fabulous markets and needed more time to be able to enjoy the handmade that Melbourne had to offer... however, we went, we saw and we conquered...



  1. I miss living in Melbourne. I will get back there one day. Looks like you had a great trip

  2. Micky you look so happy, so glad Melbourne turned on a good weekend for you. Daylight savings makes such a difference hey..your body thinks it's 6 but it's 9!

  3. All the little alleyways in the city are fascinating. I'm very glad that you had lots of fun! I love lunching in the city...it's one of my favourite pastimes.

  4. Oh Yay...I am so glad that you had a great time, HOWEVER, 1 night is certainly not long enough AT ALL...BUT, you did it, you loved it and you blogged it...NOICE!

  5. So glad you enjoyed our lovely city x

  6. oh I want that coffee!!! Yum a bowl of coffee :-) I'm a Melbourne virgin but I definitely would like to visit some time. Sounds like you had a great time though.

  7. Lets tell Paul Ipswich needs solar powered bikes...
    PS Looks like you had a great time