Saturday, January 9, 2010

Melbourne.... HERE I COME

So, the hubby and I have decided to fly down to Melbourne early Saturday morning for a quick weekend getaway (no kids allowed) and flying back Sunday afternoon.... if you live in Melbourne we would love to know the things to see, things to do... We won't have a car and are staying right in the heart of Melbourne... so your ideas would be appreciated.

Will you be at a market? Which one and where? You never know, we might just get to finally meet face to face.

Woo Hoo... I love weekend getaways (especially to Melbourne)!



  1. oh you lucky lucky lucky thing!!!! I have no idea about markets, but I just wanted to let you know how jealous I am!

  2. So jealous!! I adore Melbourne... ok must sees..
    #1 Koko black. It's a chocolate shop. There is one in the city (not sure the exact address)...
    #2 Ackland St, St Kilda. The most to die for cake shopes!
    #3 Queen Victoria Markets, lovely fresh produce..
    #4 See if you can get a reservation at Fifteen (Jamie Oliver's restaurant). Amazing!

    They are just a few of my favourites parts of the city... ENJOY!

  3. p.s St Kilda has a market every sunday morning. It's small, but good!

  4. How exciting!
    Definitely check out the hidden laneways in the city and the Queen Victoria Market food hall.

  5. lucky gal!
    yeah I'd recommend Queen Vic market aswell.
    have fun.

  6. oooh, how exciting. too many cool places to mention, so I'm gunna do you a little map and circle some hot spots. ( : I'll email it tomorrow.

  7. Oh, thanks Jay.... can't wait to receive it... yeah, only 5 more sleeps.... and counting!

  8. Super jealous right now. Bring me back a suprise

  9. wonderful little getaway Micky- glad you enjoyed it : )