Saturday, March 20, 2010

Handmade Purchases

I also spoilt myself and bought a new gorgeous clutch at the Handmade Heaven party... isn't it just beautiful... I think I will use this at the Hens Party that I am going to next month and it matched swimmingly with this fabulous skirt that I bought from Handmade Heaven...

I love red and black at the moment and there is sooo much that you can buy to match in, so I am very excited. I know Liesa from Handmade Heaven has some more skirts and clutches, so you are definitely not missing out - just send her an email.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in... I love keeping up to date with all your blogs - even if I don't comment, I still read them all.
Here are some photos:-

Gorgeous fresh bananas from the Handmade Expo Farmers...

My Clutch from Handmade Heaven created by JK Creations

My beautiful new red and black skirt... GORGEOUS...



  1. That skirt is awesome and looks great on !

  2. Beautiful Micky...what a nice post...You certainly have spoiled yourself at the moment haven't you plus you are super organised too...I have no idea what I am wearing.
    Those bananas are the best bananas that I have ever tasted too...

  3. LOVELY... I especially love the clutch!

  4. Thanks so much for the plug, im glad you love the clutch!