Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Handmade Heaven Party...

Sorry everyone, it's been a week since I held my Handmade Heaven party but I have been soooo busy and really wanted to have some photo's for this post... which I have for you now.

It was a very successful day, all my lovely lady friends were at my home to witness the first ever party and they loved it :)

Liesa did an amazing job and she bought so much variety that my guests were spoilt for choice, we had a lovely morning tea of cupcakes (of course :) and other nibblies, but just a great morning of handmade loveliness, friends and coffee... what more could we ask for..

Here are some photo's... look at all the gorgeous handmade heaven loveliness:-

So, if you would like to hold a Handmade Heaven party, I highly recommend it - contact Liesa on 0422 876 154 or email you won't be dissapointed...

Thank you Liesa, you did an awesome job :)



  1. Wowee, it's just like your own personal craft market!
    Sooooo much better than tupperware.

  2. Oh Micky...this is so wonderful. What a nice post...It was great fun, I had a great day and I am so glad that your guests did too.


  3. It looks fabulous!! Liesa sure did take a LOT of stuff along.

  4. uhmmm excuse me,
    but i just thought i'd do a drive by and tell you...

    that i think your blog is great :)
    x x