Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Handmade Gifts....

Now it's time to share the lovely Christmas gifts that my family received... as we love handmade, I thought we would concentrate on the "handmade" lovelies...

Aprons with whistles and little calico bags

Salt Sea Teas (rashy vests)

Bubba Chenille shorts

Scurette Shorts.

Bunting, bracelet, candle, notbeook, Sybella necklace, Swift Jan brooch, Susan Jane Jewellery bracelet. Everything here is available at Handmade Heaven...

It was such a surprise to receive all these wonderful Christmas presents. I am proud to say that about 90% of my christmas shopping was handmade... some of the guys really stump me so it is hard.

Happy New Year..... nearly 2010.

Micky xxoo


  1. Great handmade gifts!! Much better than the stuff at Riverlink.

  2. Yay...this is an awesome post Mick...Love it

  3. You did really well!! How chuffed am I that you had one of my goodies in the mix :D