Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Christmas Tree...

Well in the spirit of christmas I took a photo of our christmas tree... the boys helped (but I couldn't help myself but to re-arrange a little)... is it just me or do you have to "help" your children decorate the tree... here is the masterpiece:-

Just kidding... that one is a photo I took of the one in the Ipswich Mall.. beautiful isn't it..

And there is our gorgeous masterpiece...




  1. I do rearrange...but only when they are in bed! I love looking at Christmas trees. Lisa.

  2. looks great micky, lots of space for santa to leave his goodies.

  3. I always put the 'special ones' that the children made at school round the back to keep them safe!! My lot are teenagers now and only recently realised that I was hiding their efforts and putting the good decorations on show.

  4. That's funny! BUT I do the same thing. My boys seemed to put all the baubles on the one branch. It was cute, but did get a bit more evenly dispersed mysteriously after bedtime.

    I haven't even taken a pic of ours this year. I'd better jump on that.